Top 3 vocal recording microphones

There’s a question you’d ask yourself when getting into music or recording. Which is the best microphone for recording vocals? Now, this question might appear to be a simple one. However, there are plenty of answers you might get for this question. To make it easier for you, we’ve picked the top three among the many vocal recording microphones:

1. AKG C 12 vocal recording microphones

One of the immensely popular and cherished vintage microphones is the AKG C 12. Many are of the opinion that it’s the finest-sounding mic ever made. It’s a tube condenser microphone with a large diaphragm and multiple patterns, just like many famous studio vocal mics.

The introduction of AKG C 12 in 1953 brought a revolution in the world of microphone technology. Recreations of this mic with the same quality are quite rare. One could, of course, find many imitations of this mic. It was the first microphone with the ability to make 9 different and distinct polar patterns.

While doing this, there were no alterations in the output sensitivity and frequency of the microphone. One of the most prominent feature of the C 12 is the high-end boost. It doesn’t make the sound of the microphone tinny or harsh. This is the reason why the C 12 sounds excellent on the vocals of males as well as females.

2. Telefunken Ela M 251

This microphone could have been on the top position. However, we’re placing the Telefunken Ela M 251 second in our list. This is because the mic is based on the AKG C 12, which has taken the top spot. Now, let’s tell you about the past of Telefunken Ela M 251 briefly.

The company, Telefunken, didn’t originally manufacture mics. Instead, it served as the distributor of microphones. This company was into the distribution of many of the Neumann microphones. During the mid-20th century, Neumann decided to distribute mics on its own.

Telefunken wanted to build a microphone based on AKG’s C 12 model. It, therefore, contracted AKG to build the intended mics. As a result, the Ela M 251 made its debut in the year 1959. This microphone maintained most of the highlights of the C 12.

The only difference was that Telefunken’s mic had a considerable increase in the body. The rich, accurate sound of Ela M 251 made it a legend among the vintage microphones. Investors and audiophiles greatly prefer this mic even today.

3. Neumann U 67

Yet another fantastic choice for vocal recording microphones is the vintage mic, Neumann U 67. It’s quite surprising that vintage tube mics make vocals sound great even in this digital age. This is despite the fact that today’s digital recordings are overly sterile and clean.

The microphone market witnessed the introduction of Neumann U 67 in 1960. It was a replacement for the greatly successful U 47. An important part of the U 67 is its K67, which is a dual-diaphragm condenser capsule. Its beautiful tone and fabulous character gives it a greater preference over others.

This capsule only comes second in popularity after the CK 12. Vocals of all types sound excellent on the U 67. This mic offers beautiful mids, a slight brightness, and the right amount of tone and bass.

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