An Insight Into CCTV Audio Security Systems in Casinos

When it comes to security systems in casinos, the DPA microphones play a critical role. They isolate individual voices from the sounds produced by the chips and music. These microphones also isolate individual voices from the chatter at the tables. The security system used in a casino is one of the greatest examples.

Let’s take the example of a casino located in the heart of Brussels. Sabelco installed the security system in this casino. The company is a specialist in security equipment. The task before Sabelco was to install about 400 cameras along with almost 60 mics. The intention of this task was an upgrade.

The existing analogue-based security network needed replacement. So, an IP-based digital system had to replace it. This casino provides access to gambling tables, slot machines, and a World Poker Tour room to its visitors.

The role of audio-visual CCTV security systems in casinos

Generally, a CCTV system doesn’t allow the recording of audio. However, things can be different when it comes to security systems in casinos. In Belgium, audio is mandatory for spaces above casino tables. Games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker involve chips, cards, and money. This is why they need monitoring 24/7. It becomes extremely important for a casino to examine transactions between a dealer and a player.

This is to ensure that cheating doesn’t happen in the casino. In order to make this happen, recalling the sound becomes absolutely essential. In most of the casinos, the security audio recording is at the level of tables. For this purpose, microphones are installed in the tables.

The moving chips produce a lot of noise. This is the biggest issue with such systems. As a result, there’s much noise in the recording. Other noises obscure the voices of players and dealers.

How Sabelco accomplished the task

The team of Sabelco had to place the gadgets above the tables. This was a part of its plan to make the microphones work in tandem with the CCTV cameras. The mics were installed 6 meters from the casino floor. It was one of the most challenging part of the project.

It was also crucial not to have large CCTV domes above the floor. This was important for the aesthetics of the casino, which was something they couldn’t ignore. They chose Panasonic WV-S2270L 4K IP network cameras and WV-S2250L megapixel cameras for the video components. The supercardioid gooseneck mics of the DPA Microphones’ 4098 CORE complemented them.

They were of 16cms and 28 cms in their sizes. The installation team had decided to flush-mount the cameras into the ceiling. They mounted the mics below the line of the ceiling. The mics directly connected to the cameras.

How online casinos help

Installation of many complex systems facilitate the smooth operation of a land-based casino establishment. With the advent of online casinos, there’s absolutely no need for such systems. The hassles of maintaining security cameras or sound systems don’t exist in case of online casinos. All that the players need to do is sign up online, place their bets, and start playing.

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